Baby Passport

There are 2 categories based on which you have to do the following

  1. Things to do, if Child was born in Korea
  2. Things to do, if Child was born in India
Things to do, if Child was born in Korea
  • Get the birth certificate from concern hospital where your child was born
  • It’s a Korean Govt. rule that, after child birth, it has to be registered in immigration office within 30 days.

Documents required for registration at Immigration office

  1. Online reservation Printout ( use Hikorea to reserve online before going to immigration office)
  2. Child’s Birth Certificate (Original + Copy)
  3. Parent’s Passports (Original + Copy)
  4. Parents Alien Registration Cards (Original + Copy)
  5. Child’s Passport or Passport File No or inform official that you have to apply
  • Apply for baby’s Passport in Indian Embassy

Required documents while visiting Indian Embassy

  1. Child’s Birth Certificate
  2. Parent’s Passport ( Original + Copy)
  3. Parent’s Alien Registration Cards ( Original + Copy)
  4. Original Passport Application (can be downloaded from
  5. 3 Photos
  6. No need for child to visit Indian Embassy
  7. Processing time 1 month
  • Register Child birth in India through Indian Embassy
  • On receiving the Indian Passport, apply for Visa and Alien Registration Card in Immigration Office.
Things to do, if Child was born in India
  • Get a copy of Baby’s Birth Certificate (Scanned Copy / fax) from India
  • Documents required to get NOC Certificate from Indian Embassy, Seoul
  1. Copy of Baby’s Birth Certificate
  2. Father’s Original Passport
  3. Father’s Passport copy (1st, 2ndand Last Page)
  4. NOC application Form (Sample Format attached)
  5. Process Time – 2 days.
  • Send required documents to India to get Baby’s Passport:
  1. NOC Original Document
  2. Father’s Passport copy (1st, 2nd and Last Page)

Note: For Present requirement check with Indian Embassy in Korea

The website link for Indian Embassy in Korea

How to reach

Address: 37-3, Hannam-Dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Subway: 15 minutes walk from Hannam station (Subway line No.1) or 20 minutes walk from Oksu station (line No.1 and 3.)