Four Seasons

This page is mainly for new peoples who are Entering Korea for first Time.

Our Indian Peoples should know some basic information before entering Korea.

Korea Weather

Korea has Four Seasons

1) Winter (Dec to march End) – There will be very cold in Korea

Winter lasts from December to mid-March. It can be bitterly cold during this time due to the influx of cold Siberian air. Heavy snow in the northern and eastern parts of Korea makes for favorable skiing conditions.

Peoples visiting for first time bring proper jerkin and all other things u need.

2) Spring (April to May) – There will be little Cold.

Spring lasts from late March to May and is warm. Various flowers, including the picturesque cherry blossom, cover the nation’s mountains and fields during this time.

Most of Peoples will like this Season .This season is best for outing.

3) Summer (June to September)

Summer lasts from June to early September. It is a hot and humid time of the year.

Best visiting place will be Beaches.

4) Autumn (October to November)

Autumn lasts from September to November, and produces mild weather. It is the best season to visit Korea.

This season also best like Spring Season

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Our Indian Culture and Korean culture has many differences.

Our peoples visiting for first time should know some basic behavior of Korean Peoples.

  • Korean Peoples usually ask about our ages we should not hesitate to tell our age.
  • Peoples who are not drinking they can tell to company peoples or college professors because here usually they will take for dinner or lunch. If we said we won’t drink means they will not compel us and we should be there till they finish. If we are not interested means we can inform them and not need to attend those party.

Food Issue will be main problem for new comers. Initially all our peoples will hate to eat Korea food but later they will adapt to it. Eating Korean Food is not much difficult later you will also love to eat that. But pure Vegetarian please be careful with Korean foods mostly they will add Pig, sea food ,Egg so before eating any food be careful with those things and tell to your Boss or friends that I will eat only Vegetarian Food Like that.  And For halal Food Peoples don’t eat mostly outside in some items they will add Pig Powder like that and Careful about those kind foods.