In India we have premium institutes likes of IIT’s and CSIR Institutes, in South Korea also many premium institutes such as GIST, KIST, KAIST, POSTECH and R&D institutes with number of national universities offering different types scholarships. To get into these institutes you may need of English proficiency scores such as TOEFL and IELTS though it’s not compulsory for many universities but it gives you advantage.  Many Korean universities run a variety of scholarship programs for foreign students. Most universities support foreign students for 30~100% of their tuition depending on their academic results. Apart from universities, Various Ministries of the Korean Government sponsoring scholarship programs for foreign students and are gradually increasing their quotas. At present, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade run scholarships for foreign students. Other than these scholarships, all the students can approach for PhD and research opportunities to faculties via email which is available in their respective universities. Please visit some of the important websites for guidance on scholarships from Korean universities.